Winter 2009 Portfolio Show

This Thursday at The Art Institute of Houston is our Winter 2009 Portfolio Show, showing off graduates in our Graphic Design, Web Design & Interactive Media, Media Arts & Animation and Interior Design programs. It's should prove to be interesting. If you are in the area, you guys should drop by and see what the students have to offer. The only exposure I have to the students are my interns and neither of them are graduating, but they're good so therefore all our students should be good too (theoretically that works, right?). So come check it out. (Click image to see the info bigger).

Unrelated. I took a tour of our soon to be North campus yesterday and was quite amazed. The space is amazing. I was jealous. I want our main campus to look like that!! It wasn't completed but I'm good at imagining how things are going to turn out and it's going to look good. Now my boss and I have the daunting task of creating displays and artwork for this huge new space. I'm not sure how I'm going to get it all done!! O_o


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