Discover the Artist Within

The Art Institute of Houston 2006-2007 College Catalog. First full color catalog for the school. Created a fun "youthful" feel. Carried over on cd that held a pdf of the catalog. The idea of a profession voice and a student voice juxtaposed together runs throughout the catalog showing the duality of the school.

Make sure to eat your squid

The Art Institute of Houston quarterly publication, the artlog. This issue we talked about Design in the Fast Lane, The new Graphic Design chair, and alumni Chef Clark.

it's not a monkey flying out my arse

This campaign was a local campaign for Toyota, launching the new Yaris. We decided not to talk about the features of the car itself, but show the attitude of the car. We focused on what it's not, rather than what it was. Find out more at mindMonkey.

It's all about Fashion

While I'm showing off fashion stuff, why not show off some more? Below are two different fashion displays I created for The Art Institute of Houston. The first is a display for Chloe Dao, the season 2 winner of Project Runway on BravoTV. She showed off 3 dressed currently in her collection and a few from the show. The second is a gallery show for the visual merchandiser John Findysz, who has been in charge of display designs for Macy's and Jeffery's New York and Atlanta, among other things. He put up his show very low-tech, placing everything up with push pins and tape. We created vinyl lettering and placed it on the gallery windows to play on the name of the show "John Findysz: A career in windows."

Either you're in or you're out

So I'm going to play catch up a bit and post a bunch of different stuff that I have laying in my archieves. The first are dress forms that I designed for a fashion show our school hosted for TimeWarner, BravoTV, and Project Runway. I created these abstract dress forms where I hinted at typical dress shapes but never actually made dresses. Dress forms where in a state between dressed and undressed.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so photographers probably talk too much

Photography display that I created to promote The Art Institute of Houston’s new Photography BFA program. The display is created to look like a photographer’s studio, with student work hanging from strings and falling off the desk. An inspiration board was created in the corner to make it look more like someplace a student would be working.