a bad couple of weeks

Sorry I haven't been keeping my blog up to date with new work or stories of the life of a design studio manager for one of the top design schools in Houston, TX. The past few weeks have been absolute hell! Just to give you a quick overview: I got sick with a sinus infection last week forcing me to take time off to try and heal, I pulled a muscle in my back, I confessed my love for my best friend to a strained reaction, which I expected, making our friendship, while always, close a bit strange, and this past Saturday I got hit by a car for the second time in two months. Damn this has been a bad few weeks. Oh, and my car is so messed up, the insurance company is going to total it and I'll be forced to buy a new means of transportation—errrr! So hopefully all the worst is behind me and November, much like September, is proving to be a bad month. Maybe next week will be better—I HOPE!!! For the two people who read this, the graphic designers in Houston that i like are all gathering Friday at Rudz at 6 PM…you guys should try to make it for a burger and a beer.

Hoping for better luck and more time to post work.