I'm designin' fast, yo!!

So this past weekend was the 2007 Design in the Fast Lane, sponsored by AIGA Houston, Dallas, and Austin. It went over well. It was the largest design in the fast lane. So, overall, prepping for this event has been hell and hard and made me want to pull my hair out. But now it's done, and I'm proud. I think it went really well. Christian Helms from The Decoder Ring Design Concern was our keynote speaker and did a great job. University of Texas-San Marcos won the student show and a scholarship from Adobe. Other great speakers were Nicole Newton from Schepul (hope i spelled it right), Thomas Hull from Rigsby Hull, and the guys from CMA (these dudes rocked…talk about knowing your shit about packaging!!) Great event.
Pictures below, my posters wallpapered on mobile display, Lyndia (old classmate) and I standing around talking about which session she should sign up for, and wall inspired by display i did earlier this year. Each paper asked what creates a spark and the crowd answered. Everything from "I'll tell you when it happens" to "me in bed." I had a laugh. For more pictures of the event go to Flickr and search AIGA houston.