What creates a spark?

This Saturday, at the University of Houston, is 2007 DESIGN IN THE FAST LANE sponsored by the Texas chapters of AIGA. If you live in Texas or surrounding you should come out and check it out yo, it's going to be great. Christian Helms, from The Decoder Ring Design Concern (thedecoderring) is the keynote speakers, followed up by an all-star cast of great Texas Designers. I designed most of the collateral for the event. For more information or to register, go to dflhouston.

Below: The first is an email blast sent out to help students "save-the-date." Second and Third, are front and back of the poster that was mailed out to all Texas AIGA members, third is a final reminder sent through email from AIGA Houston to all members (not designed by me, but based off my designs). The idea for all collateral, was that every small thing you do, can inspire you somehow. Mowning the yard creates a spark, drinking bad coffee creates a spark, that soggy bowl of cereal creates a spark. Pictures taken by polaroid to make them even more "mundane." Type: Trade Gothic, a mundane font in the eyes of Tibor Kalman. Green and Orange used to make the collateral look more "vintage."

my friend Alfredo has a synthesizer for a heart

Gallery show I put up and designed signage for my friend Alfredo Mejia. Showed off a collection of poster, character, and toy designs. Used paint can containers from the container store to suspend his 3-D objects, a Coke can he designed, the Trexi he designed for Coke, and his personal creation, the TAMO. For more information about my friend Alfredo, check out his website, Alfredo Mejia.

more creative excellence

Last posted I talked about The Art Institute of Houston Catalog for 2008. Below are a few pieces of collateral that followed the image in a hope to create an cohesive image for our 30th anniversary.

FUTURE FORWARD: the start of 30 years of creative excellence

This years college course catalog for The Art Institute of Houston. Last year, we wanted a young fun aesthetic. This year we wanted a bit more mature, grown-up but still a little edgy. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, so the catalog was the start of our branding for this coming up year, showing off the past 30 years of creative excellence, but noting that the we are always look to the future and thinking "future forward." Models on cover and on interior design spread are my interns, Allison Ripley and Eric Castorena. Photography was done myself. Cover shot at The Houston Contemporary Arts Museum in an amazing exhibition by Xaviera Simmons.

the leaning tower of tvs

Display created for the new Digital Filmmaking & Video Production program at The Art Institute of Houston. Our studio produced this flat display of a leaning tower of vintage television sets with random images placed in the center. Images range from newscasters and people with video cameras to penguins and dancing cats.

another issue of artlog

Another artlog. We're continuously improving the look and feel of the artlog. We tried to create a vintage feel for this artlog. In this issue we talked about the launch of the Kitchen & Bath Design program as well as the Dynamo project, a project where graphic designers created a mascot for the local soccer team, the Houston Dynamo. Students Leslie Lopez and Eric Husely actually created the mascot for the soccer team. Look for upcoming artlogs, as the format is about to change and printing quality will improve.