I seem to be advertising a lot lately

I know it's been a while. It's too early in this blog to be getting lazy and stop posting. Below are two advertisements for The Art Institute of Houston that I completed in the past week. Both use to concept of "Get Real," explaining that at The Art Institute of Houston, not only do you do realistic projects similar to those that you do in the "real world" outside of college, but you also do REAL projects within the community that will get your name out. The first ad is a Texas Monthly ad were we talk about several of the projects including promos for the Sci-Fi network, our restaurant Courses, the designing of the local major league soccer team, the Houston Dynamo, mascot, and a mobile project that will go in the center of a high rise loft complex that's currently being built. The second ad is for a local magazine called ENVY, and we focused on the real world of fashion and how our fashion & retail management program does real fashion shows—some students have even helped with the dressing back stage at Fashion Week Live, one being the personal dresser for Naomi Campbell!!